Skywavemed integrity-based, professional services to achieve customers’goal!


Founded in 2008, the company is committed to building a service platform for ophthalmic medical equipment and providing one-stop, full-service solutions. Based on the Yangtze River, integrating the advantages of Optical Valley, surrounded by professional talents, integrity service-oriented, focus on ophthalmic technology!

Our concept is committed to the achievement of customers’goal, our service focus on customer satisfaction, our work motivation from customer demand, our customers all over the country!

Our main business includes: the ophthalmic equipment sales agent, the ophthalmic equipment research and development and manufacturing. Ophthalmic equipment technical service business (technical consultation, maintenance, emergency call service, etc.).

Ø  Ophthalmic excimer laser, femtosecond laser equipment technical maintenance services

Ø  Cataract phcao equipment and phaco handpiece repair services

Ø  All kinds of medical laser and IPL equipment and all kinds of medical diagnostic equipment maintenance services

Ø  Undertakes the maintenance business of ophthalmic excimer laser and femtosecond laser (the first domestic independent maintenance technology, breaking through the three major technical problems of laser cavity maintenance: femtosecond laser optical path tuning, ultrafast pulse control calibration, cooling circulation system disassembly and assembly process, etc.).

Ophthalmic equipment research and development manufacturing business

Ø  Cataract phaco handpiece cleaning machine R & D and manufacturing (created the first intelligent equipment cleaning cataract phaco handpiece cleaning in the field of reuse medical devices)

Ø  R&D and manufacturing of cataract phaco trolley (to meet the clinical needs of convenient movement, locking and liquid bottle height adjustment of "portable cataract phaco equipment" in the medical ophthalmology )

Ophthalmic equipment sales agent business

Ø  Dry eye medical glare treatment instrument (EOS German technology, made in China)

Since its establishment, Skywavemed has always adhered to service priority and won the trust of customers. We look forward to creating value for you!

The company is headquartered in Wuhan East Lake high-tech development Zone (China Optics Valley), thanks to the advantages of the national industry-university research base support, investment in key spare parts, and dispatched engineers in many cities across the country, to establish a nationwide service support network with Wuhan Optics Valley as the fulcrum, committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and making due contributions to the construction and development of the motherla