• Cooperation


    Cooperation opportunities

    Our philosophy has always been customer first in all of Skywave’s business and abides by the business ethics of "honesty and integrity.

    At present, we are looking for strategic partners in the following areas:

    Sales cooperation:

    Engaged in ophthalmic medical equipment sales:

    1、We are looking for some case agents of BerlinAlder's EOS dry eye treatment system in Hubei and Henan provinces.

    2、Looking for the business partners of Allegretto excimer and AMO Intralase femtosecond service providers, as well as some consumables of related laser equipment (ArF gas, PMMA & ET etc.) in the nationwide.

    3、Seek cooperation with authorized sales agents from various manufacturers for Skywave Company.

    Technical business cooperation:

    Engaged in medical technical services, research and development and production cooperation:
    1、Seek the cooperation of authorized technology outsourcing services from manufacturers to Skywave.
    2、Seek the product research development and production cooperation.

    Business Development Team Contact information:

    If you are interested in discussing business development opportunities with us,
    please call our manager Mr. Xue - Tel: 13503080857 or Office telephoneline: 027-83788918.