• Refractive Excimer Laser Equipment

    Excimer laser correction myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia and other purposes. Excimer laser surgery has six advantages, such as high accuracy, high safety, high stability, short operation time, good comfort, and good surgical effect, and it is currently widely used in refractive therapy... Skywavemed company has all the conditions to provide maintenance of these equipments.

  • Refractive Femtosecond Laser Device –Intralase

    Johnson & Johnson's IntraLase brand is the oldest, most mature technology, the world's largest sales of refractive surgery auxiliary equipment for the treatment of myopia and other refractive surgery. Skywavemed company has all the conditions to provide maintenance of the equipment.

  • Cataract Femtosecond Laser Device –LenSx

    Alcon produced the world's first femtosecond laser LenSx applied to cataract surgery。 As the only authorized repair service provider in China, Skywavemed company has professional and cutting-edge technical personnel, sufficient parts inventory reserve, invite such needs of customers and third-party companies to consult and negotiate.

  • To provide the rental service with photonic Ophthalmic Dry Eye Treatment Equipment by Germany designed

    Berlin Alder's EOS™ dry eye treatment system is the world's leading dry eye treatment device for the safe and effective treatment of MGD ( meibomian gland dysfunction) and related dry eye diseases, as well as anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and mite removal. Skywavemed is the only agent in Hubei and Henan province (some regions) we sincerely invite customers and third-party companies with such needs to come to consult and negotiate.

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