Patient Interface Component

J&J AMO Intralase Patient Interface Component (PI) : Femtosecond surgical flattening cone mirror.

"Intralase patient interface assembly (Femtosecond surgical flatten cone mirror), PI: Suitable for J&J AMO-Intralase 60 &150 type refractive femtosecond laser equipment. The patient interface module is called to PI. During the operation, the femtosecond laser device operated by the doctor flattens the cornea of the patient to maintain the precise distance between the laser treatment head and the laser focus in the cornea tissue, so that the femtosecond laser device can transmit laser pulse in accordance with the mode set by the doctor for various targeted cutting on the cornea. In brief, the purpose of femtosecond laser flattening conical mirror is to ensure the accurate positioning and directional scanning of femtosecond laser, which is also a expendable material for one-time surgery due to the risk of medical cross-infection.